5/22/2012 - We had our best show yet at Otto's. If you missed it, don't worry we're back there in August. If you can't wait until then, there are two great opportunities to see us in June. We're playing at the Parkside on Friday, June 29th.  We are also playing as part of the annual Make Music NY festival on the very longest day of the year, June 21st! Check out the Upcoming Shows tab for full details on all our upcoming shows.

4/13/2012 - We have new shows scheduled at Otto's and the Parkside. Check out the Upcoming Shows tab for the details!

4/1/2012 - We've added a new date! We're playing on Friday, April 27th at Otto's Shrunken Head at 10 PM. Otto's is a real trip, New York's premier Tiki Bar.

3/21/2012 - Spring is here and we have our first booking which is to play the Parkside on June the 15th. We're gearing up to have a busy year and this is the first of what we hope will be many opportunities to play for you in the months ahead

3/15/2012 - It's really starting to come together. With Mike in the band, we have more musical freedom. Things have more pop and the band dynamic is really starting to work well.

3/7/2012 - We ended the year with a couple of great shows at the National Underground. And we've added a new lead guitarist, Mike to our lineup. Sue and I have both played with Mike before and it's a real pleasure to have him join us in the Sonic Boomers. He's a great player and I know all our fans are going to be mpressed.

7/20/2011 - We've been really busy gearing up for our next shows including a public performance at Otto's Shrunken Head. Renee has rejoined the band bringing back that killer voice, Ken has moved on and we thank him for all his hard work. 

3/7/2011 - We had a great turnout at the Parkside Friday. Thanks to all our fans who came out to see us. We had the place rocking and some people were even dancing! Check out the new Photos tab to see pictures from the show. We'll post some video clips as soon as we have them ready.

2/10/2011 - They say that nothing is constant except change. Elle and Stefan have had to devote their time to family issues and, as a result, Jo has joined us on bass and Peter has taken over all of the lead vocal duties. Jo is splitting her time between us and her other band the Flashback 4. Jo brings a great vibe to the band and we're rocking even harder than ever.

9/22/2010 - More changes! We have a new singer named Elle who just has to be heard. Stefan has joined us on bass so Peter is back to playing guitar. We have added some new (as in current) songs to the set list with Elle on vocals.

5/25/2010 - We've been through some changes since the last update. Alan has moved on and we thank him for all of his work and effort. Joining us is Ken Arcara who is a fine, fine guitarist. We've been working with Ken for about a month now and he's challenged us to up our game. We're also trying out some new singers as, for the moment, Peter is the only lead singer in the band.  We'll be playing out again soon, so stay tuned.

2/27/2010 - Couldn't make it to the recent Parkside show? Get a taste of what you missed by checking out these clips!

2/25/2010 - We had a great turnout for last night's show at the Parkside. Thanks go out to everyone who came out to hear us play. We'd also like to thank the folks at the Parkside who have a great club and who did a great job with gettting us a great sound. It was a high-energy night and we rocked th house!